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Friends of AEA Weekly Newsletter
August 2015 Newsletter Requests

Welcome, Willkommen & Bienvenidos!

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! Every year we are excited to welcome our new and returning families to the AEA community. With the new Middle School and the large number of new students, this year is even more exciting.

What is Friends of Albert Einstein Academies (FoAEA)?

FoAEA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit parent teacher organization dedicated to providing enrichment to AEA students and to supporting the Academies. Since our founding in 2007, FoAEA has served as the fundraising arm to the elementary and middle schools and is also the organization that puts on school community events. We work in collaboration with the parents, administration, teachers, and Board of Trustees.

All parents, teachers, and staff of AEA are members of FoAEA. We welcome your input and feedback and encourage participation from everybody at our board meetings.

Accomplishing our goals requires your support.

Thanks to the support of Einstein families we continue to be able to support many wonderful enrichment programs for AEA students. We hope you’ll participate as much as you can. We know it can be challenging to be involved when juggling work and family. We welcome any and all contributions of time or money no matter the size. We believe you will find a warm community at AEA and know you will find your efforts rewarding.

Programs FoAEA funds

  • Art
  • Language enrichment through music program
  • Larger scale field trips including Old Town, overnight on the Star of India & 6th grade camp to name a few
  • Curriculum based enrichment assemblies
  • School garden projects
  • Technology and science support
  • Environmental and nutrition education and more

Community events and fund-raisers

  • Back to school barbecue
  • Hallmark German cultural Lantern Festival
  • Cake auction and chili cook-off
  • Jog-a-thons
  • Annual gala auction

The 2014-2015 school year was a strong fundraising effort raising over $145,000 through donations from AEA parents, events, grants, and sponsorships. This amazing effort from our Einstein community enables us to increase funding to the programs we support and new programs. Over 2/3rd of our funding comes from just two sources: individual donations and the Gala Auction. This is why you will hear so much about those during the year. With the school's increased student body size this year, FoAEA will have to raise even more money in order to continue the same level of support.

If you have any questions about FoAEA, please contact us here.

On behalf of the the 2015-16 Friends of AEA Board,
Joel Linsky, FoAEA Board President

Vice President: Rebecca Bennett, Secretary: Jen Johnson, Treasurer: Kai Schoettke, Elementary school teacher rep: Eryn Holt, Middle school teacher rep: Donny Powers, VP of Fundraising: Kathi Blocher, Co-VP of Fundraising: Terri Oelrich, Vice President of Events: Rebecca Bennet, Co VP of Events: Sandy Salzedo, Technology and Webmaster: Joel Linsky, Volunteer and Room Parent Coordinator: Lissa Metzger, and Board Assistants: Jennifer Cardinale and Angie Santini

FoAEA Communications

FoAEA communicates with the AEA community through a number of different media.

FoAEA prefers communicating via e-mail as this is the most cost effective and efficient means to reach the AEA community. We recognize that many people get a significant volume of e-mail in their daily lives, so we make every attempt to make our communications timely and relevant. We try to maintain our e-mail lists as accurately as we can. Many parents change e-mail addresses during the year. When this occurs, please contact the school front office. Periodically, we will also send e-mail blasts for other AEA school events. We strive our best to be clear on who is sponsoring the event and where any proceeds from the event will go.

FoAEA publishes a single weekly newsletter for both the Elementary and Middle schools. The newsletter format has the following sections:

  • Welcome (upper left). Changes each week and highlights important events and/or information.
  • Calendar (upper right). Updated each week. The calendar for the two schools contain only events for that school.
  • Featured Events and Announcements (middle left - below welcome). Information in this section stays as long as it is relevant. Newer items are at the top.
  • Fundraising Opportunities (middle). Changes rarely. Includes links to the Annual Appeal, Amazon.com, and Artsonia.
  • Connect (lower part of e-mail). Changes rarely. Includes links to the newsletters, AEA blogs, Middle School newspaper, social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Calendar), resources, and contact information for volunteering.

We maintain a website, foaea.org containing even more information than our newsletters. In many cases, the newsletters will refer back to the main website for more information.

Social Media
FoAEA has a Facebook account and an AEA Business Connections LinkedIn group.

Google Calendar
FoAEA shares a single Google Calendar with AEA. This calendar can be viewed here online and is on the AEA and FoAEA home pages. You can also subscribe to these calendars so that it shows up on all of your devices. We have some instructions for doing this on iPhones/iPads and Macs.

FoAEA values your privacy. We will do not disclose our e-mail lists to other entities and all of our e-mail lists are moderated so that you cannot receive e-mails from entities other than FoAEA on our e-mail lists. If you have questions or concerns about our privacy and/or e-mail list usage, contact us here.

Fundraising Events

There are a number of tax deductible ways you can support Friends of Albert Einstein Academies. Some of the main fundraising activities we run during the year are described below.

Auction Gala

Each June we have a Gala event with silent and live auctions. In addition to being a fun event, the Auction Gala funds ~50% of our annual budget.


FoAEA suggests a $1/day per student donation. You can donate directly from your computer or smart device via credit or debit cards, PayPal, or by check. The most convenient way for most people is an automatic monthly donation of $30 but any amount helps. ~30% of our annual budget comes from donations.

Internet Shopping

Make your everyday purchases support AEA. Whenever you shop at Amazon.com using a special address (foaea.org/amazon) between 4% & 25% of the sale price goes back to FoAEA with no effort at all! This raises approximately $6,000 per year.


Participate in our fall sale fund raiser, jog a thons, auctions and other fun fundraising events.

Commemorative Bricks

Purchase a commemorative brick for the entry way to the new AEACMS Campus. The bricks will be used in the opposite squares from the "A" and "E" in the AEA logo (upper right and lower left squares).

Buy a Brick donation website

Matching Grants
Remember that some companies match contributions to non-profit organizations like parent teacher associations. Information that you can provide to your employer for these matching contributions is available here. Each year, FoAEA raises more than $5,000 from corporate matching grants. It is worth the effort to apply.

FoAEA Board Meetings

Our meetings are open to the public! The FoAEA board normally meets the first Thursday each month. All meetings are on the school calendar and announced in the weekly newsletters. We would appreciate agenda requests no later than 1 week prior to the meeting. Please join us!

The meeting schedule for 2014-15 is:

  • September 3rd, 2015
  • October 1st, 2015
  • November 5th, 2015
  • December 17th, 2015
  • January 28th, 2016
  • March 3rd, 2016
  • April 15th, 2016
  • May 5th, 2016
  • June 16th, 2016

Event Calendar

Back to School BBQ: Aug. 28th, 5-7pm

Pastries With the Principals: 1st Wed. of every month

Father Daughter Dance: Sept. 25th

Golftoberfest: Oct 11th

Lantern Festival: Nov 7th

Fall Fund Raiser Start: Mid November

Rock 'N' Run-A-Thon: March

Staff Appreciation Days: May 2-6th

Auction Gala: June 4th

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