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Friends of AEA Weekly Newsletter
October 3-7th, 2016 Newsletter Requests

Pretzel Sales have moved to Thursday!

Help support the German language programs at AEA and purchase a delicious freshly baked Bavarian style pretzel from the San Diego Pretzel Company every Thursday. Pretzels will be available after school in the lunch arbor and at the back gate.

Video Production Equipment GoFundMe Campaign

Herr Hofmann, our MS German and technology teacher (6th-8th), started a GoFundMe campaign here to raise money for video production equipment. He recently started an after school AEA News Club in which students produce news-style videos of MS homeroom announcements. The videos produced so far (on our old iPad technology) have turned out great and been received well by all. Please check them out here on a private Youtube channel!

The AEA News Club will primarily use this new equipment. However, the equipment will benefit the entire school, and be available to other classrooms as well. In addition to donating, please Tweet, Snap, Instagram, and email the GoFundMe link at-will. Questions? Please contact Herr Hofmann here. Thank you to everyone for your generous support of our kids, teachers and community. Each of us, and everything we do, makes AEA the amazing place it is!

Fundraising Off to a Good Start

What do Art, Music, PE, Science, Nutrition & Gardening, and Assembles have to do with each other?

These are the programs that Friends of Albert Eintein Academies supports each year.

AEA's families are what sustains these programs and we greatly appreciate your support through donations and your volunteer time. This year's fundraising is getting off to a good start, but we still have a ways to go in order to meet our fundraising goals. So far we've had 27 families sign up for a one time or monthly donation pledging over $36,000 towards our goal of $60,000. Thank you. If you haven't donated yet, it takes just a moment. Click on the image below and make either a one time donation or sign up for a monthly subscription.

Oktoberfest Thank You!

Dear 6th grade community, thank you to everyone who donated their time, talents and supplies to Oktoberfest. The celebration was a complete success and the German team received everything it needed. They couldn’t have pulled it off without you. Now on to the dias de los muertos celebration with our Spanish team!

MS Wish List

A number of our fabulous teachers have unfilled Wishes on our MS Teacher Wish List. Mr. Allen would love some headphones for his classroom, Ms. Jimenez needs a couple more packages of origami paper for her art project, the P.E. Dept and 8th grade science would be thrilled if we could help them out with a few more items, Ms. Milian’s students are anxious to finish their reading nook with a few bean bag chairs, and the Spanish Dept needs raffle tickets for a fun activity they have planned. Please browse the Wish List 24/7 here to see whose Wish you can make come true. Any questions, please feel free to contact Amy . Thank you!

FoAEA October Board Meeting

Our next board meeting is Thursday, October 6th at the Elementary School from 6-8pm. Hope to see you there.

Benefiting AEA Shopping at Amazon.com

The amazon.com affiliate program has become one of our most successful fundraisers over the last few years in part because it doesn't cost anything beyond what you were going to purchase anyway. This school year is off to a great start with August raising over $800 and September raising almost $1,100!!!

How does the program work? Simple! The only thing special you need to know is our link foaea.org/amazon.

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Get the word out. Shop at Amazon through and the school gets 8% of our purchase price back. That's it. If you ever forget the link, you can always find it at the top of our newsletters.

Featured Events and Announcements

Clipping Box Tops is an easy way for you to help our school earn cash. This school year, our school’s earnings goal is $1,000 which will go towards all the wonderful programs our school offers.

Collection Sheet

Are you a Box Tops member? Sign up at BTFE.com to stay updated on our school’s earnings and find a full list of hundreds of participating products. Members also receive exclusive coupon offers and recipes and can learn about extra ways for our school to earn more cash.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Nikki our Box Tops for Education Coordinator for AEA. Thanks for your help!


Monday, Oct 3rd

MS School Pictures Make Up Day

Tuesday, Oct 4th

MS German Exchange and Host Students Field Trip

Wednesday, Oct 5th

Pastries with the Principals (8:30-9:30am)
At Food for Thoughts (next to the MS)

Thursday, Oct 6th

GCC Meeting (3-4pm)
At the Elementary School

FoAEA Board Meeting (6-8pm)
At the Elementary School

Friday, Oct 7th

ES School Pictures

Tuesday, Oct 11th

5th Grade Field Trip Ruben H. Fleet (5B/5C/5E) (8:45-1pm)

AEA Board of Trustees Meeting (4:30-7pm)
On the Elementary School Campus

Wednesday, Oct 12th

Parent University Elementary (5:30-7pm)
Supporting your beginning reader

Friday, Oct 14th

5th Grade Field Trip Ruben H. Fleet (5A/5D) (8:45-1pm)

Saturday, Oct 15th

Kind to Our School Community Service (1:30-4:30pm)

Monday, Oct 17th

Staff Development Day - NO SCHOOL

Thursday, Oct 20th

Great Shake Out

ES School Pictures Make Up Day

Sunday, Oct 23rd

Language Bridge Potluck
On the Elementary School Campus

Monday, Oct 24th

Kiepenkasper - German Puppet Show (8:30-9:30am)

Tuesday, Oct 25th

Kiepenkasper - German Puppet Show (8:30-9:30am)

Wednesday, Nov 2nd

Pastries with the Principals (8:30-9:30am)
At the Elementary School

Thursday, Nov 3rd

= 1st Grade Fieldtrip to Balboa Theater (8:45-10:45am)

Elementary School Tour for Prospective Kindergarten Parents (9:30-10:30am)
Since our school tours are filling up fast and we would like to keep the tour groups small please RSVP at (619) 795 1190 #2101 or e-mail Mrs McCreary. Adults only please.

GCC Meeting (3-4pm)
Elementary School Campus

FoAEA Board meeting (6-8pm)
Middle School Campus

Saturday, Nov 5th

Lantern Festival (4-7pm)
At the Elementary School

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Wish Lists

From time to time our classrooms need supplies. To make the donation process easier for everyone, please use this permanent SignUp Genius Middle School Supply Wish List page. This list will include items which our MS teachers need to teach our kids.


SchoolPool: See the SchoolPool Factsheet. Please contact the AEA office to find out information about this program.


Throughout the year FoAEA will put on events and activities that require volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, please send an e-mail to our volunteering committee at volunteer@foaea.org.


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