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Friends of AEA Weekly Newsletter
November 7-11th, 2016 Newsletter Requests

Wintermarkt German Holiday Market- December 4th

Sunday December 4th from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. Traditional Foods, Crafts, Music and Games.

This is our first time to introduce to you a German Holiday Market. We are seeking for parents who might be able to assist us with the planning and support.

The general idea of a German Holiday Market is to enjoy a nice atmosphere in preparation for the holidays. To give you a better idea, traditional Holiday market items are: small holiday gifts, crafts, handmade items, jewelry, small art, wooden art, scarves, handmade candles, handcrafted natural products, crafted toys for the kids, baby items, stockings, any kind of handmade tree ornaments and holiday accessories. Vendors can register for a gazebo space (1,2 or 3 tables @ 6ft) or if it's a parent they can also share a 6ft table with another parent/family. For more information please email to: aeagcc@gmail.com.

For the “Wintermarkt” German Holiday Market, we will set up 10 gazebos for commercial and parent vendors. The GCC – (German Cultural Committee) will be the only ones offering food and drinks for consumption.

What do we need from you?

We are still in the process of seeking commercial vendors. Maybe you might know people that have their own business or produce artwork or craft items that would fit to our holiday theme. Or you know a store in your neighborhood that we could approach with our holiday market idea. Please send us your suggestions or connect us to some of the great local vendors in the area. We have registration forms that we can send out to your vendors.

You can do more…

If you are crafty we will have several craft tables set up, where children can pay a small fee and make a holiday craft to take home. You could volunteer, help us with purchasing supplies or you could even have your own selling table at the market.

The GCC is asking for baked goods donation

If you have an amazing holiday cookie recipe, ginger bread or such that you could donate, we can provide you with cookie bags.


Frau Claudia will be at the market singing several traditional German Holiday songs. If you, your child or a family member is interested to perform a Holiday song or dance, we would like to hear from you at aeagcc@mail.com.

All proceeds benefit our AEA German Language program. We greatly appreciate your support to create this wonderful holiday market. The GCC Team.

Mixed Bags Fundraiser has Started

Our fall fundraiser (Mixed Bags) is starting. Please make sure you put your orders in by November 18th. Details on the fundraiser are in this flyer. You can also use this link: www.mixedbagdesigns.com/Retail-Home?fundraiserid=144878.

Parent/Teacher Conference week at AEACMS

The Youth Enrichment Center (after school program) is making a special offer during Nov.14th – 18th Parent/Teacher Conference Week Only! See flyer for more details. Contact YEC Staff with any questions.

Thank You for Attending the Lantern Festival

A warm thank you goes to all the AEA families who came out to celebrate with their classmates and friends at our annual Lantern Festival on Saturday. It is always a pleasure come together as a community to share in this time-honored German tradition.

Gala Artisan Committee

Every year Friends of AEA hosts a Gala to raise funds for our amazing school. This event makes up a significant amount of the budget that brings and maintains valued programs and classes to our school such as art, music, PE, science, gardening, among others. A school curriculum that includes experiences like these enriches our students' education and perspectives.

Part of the fundraising effort includes each class in each grade level to contribute student made artwork. This artwork is made in collaboration with parent volunteer(s), classroom teachers, and students.

This year I am available to consult, coordinate, oversee, and possibly assist the making of these projects. I need 3-5 parents, FROM EACH GRADE LEVEL to volunteer as lead coordinators for their grade level. We will collaborate and work together to create a cohesive, yet diverse group of works for the Gala Auction.

You DO NOT need to be an artist to volunteer. People who embrace organization, enthusiasm and the ability to delegate are great leads for this project as well!

Please sign up on this document or email me here.

Our first meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 9 from 12:30-1:30pm in the Art Room. Please come to the meeting even if you are unsure if you want to fully commit!

Thank you for your interest and support in our school! Shana Cutler, AEA Gardening Teacher and Art Aide

Featured Events and Announcements

Clipping Box Tops is an easy way for you to help our school earn cash. This school year, our school’s earnings goal is $1,000 which will go towards all the wonderful programs our school offers.

Collection Sheet

Are you a Box Tops member? Sign up at BTFE.com to stay updated on our school’s earnings and find a full list of hundreds of participating products. Members also receive exclusive coupon offers and recipes and can learn about extra ways for our school to earn more cash.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Nikki our Box Tops for Education Coordinator for AEA. Thanks for your help!

Support essential enrichment programs at AEA

Please help support essential programs at AEA through a donation to Friends of Albert Einstein Academies. Our goal is to have 200 families participate in this donation drive. Donating to FoAEA supports the enrichment programs that our kids benefit from including art, music, PE and science programs and provides funds for field trips, assemblies, and classroom supplies.

If you haven't signed up yet, please take 5 minutes to contribute to AEA's enrichment programs. Go to our donation website from your mobile device or computer and select a monthly donation amount or a one time donation. Choose $30/month ($1/day) or any amount affordable to you. Even $5 or $10 per month makes a huge difference for the kids.

Matching Grants

Last year, the following companies made matching grants to FoAEA: Union Bank, Qualcomm, Pfizer, Intuit, Genentech, Covidien, Nokia, and ARS National Svcs.

We thank all of these companies for their generous support. If you work for any of these companies and have not yet taken advantage of their matching grant program, it just takes a few minutes and is free money to the school. One way of finding out if your employeer supports matching grants is to look at this list of companies. Information normally needed to have an employeer make a matching grant is available here.


Monday, Nov 7th

First Annual Math Carnival (5-6:30pm)
At the middle school.

Tuesday, Nov 8th

3rd Grade Field Trip to Mission Trails(3A, 3B, 3C) (9-1:30pm)

5th Grade Field Trip to Junior Theater (10:30am-2:45pm)

Lunch League Ultimate Rings / Flag Football Championship Games
Top Lunch League seeds participate in the championship game. The winning team has their picture taken and posted on the 'Einstein Wall of Champions.
The Ultimate Rings Championship Game (for 2nd and 3rd graders) will be held from 11:30am to 12:30pm, and the Flag Football Championship Game (for 4th and 5th graders) will be held from 12:30pm to 12:50pm.
Parents are invited to come watch and cheer!

AEA Board of Trustees Meeting (4:30-7pm)
At the Middle School

Thursday, Nov 10th

Elementary School Tour for Prospective Kindergarten Parents (9:30-10:30am)
Since our school tours are filling up fast and we would like to keep the tour groups small please RSVP at (619) 795 1190 #2101 or e-mail Mrs McCreary. Adults only please.

Elementary School Book Fair Opening Day (2:45-4pm)

Friday, Nov 11th


Sunday, Nov 13th

Language Bridge Carne Asada (1-3pm)
At the AEA Elementary School campus.

Monday, Nov 14th

Minimum Day - Parent Teacher Conferences

Book Fair
At the MS and ES libraries

Tuesday, Nov 15th

Minimum Day - Parent Teacher Conferences

Book Fair
At the MS and ES libraries

Middle School Tour for Prospective Kindergarten Parents (8:30-9:30am)
We welcome prospective parents to sign up for a tour of our Middle School campus. This tour is scheduled for English speaking parents. To reserve your spot, please follow this link.

3rd Grade Field Trip to Mission Trails(3D, 3E) (9-1:30pm)

Wednesday, Nov 16th

Minimum Day - Parent Teacher Conferences

Book Fair
At the MS and ES libraries

Thursday, Nov 17th

Minimum Day - Parent Teacher Conferences

Book Fair
At the MS and ES libraries

Friday, Nov 18th

Minimum Day - Parent Teacher Conferences

Book Fair
At the MS and ES libraries

Monday - Friday, Nov 21-25th

NO SCHOOL - Fall Break

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