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Friends of AEA Weekly Newsletter
March 20-24, 2017 Newsletter Requests

Second Annual AEA Trash Pick-up

Last year, Fausto in 2D, organized an AEA trash pick up, where students, parents, and faculty were invited to join us on a walk around the school. Fausto would like to do this again this year and has received permission from Principal Bouterse to hold it on Friday, March 24th, right after school. Please pass this on to your children, and please join us!

When: March 24th at 12:30 pm
Where: in front of office on Ash street
What to bring: yourselves and a grown up (if you are a kid!). Gloves and bags will be provided.
Questions: ask Fausto in 2D or his mother, Heather, (619-538-8196)

Mentors needed for 5th Grade Exhibition

We are in need of mentors for 5th grade Exhibition! Mentors can be anyone from our AEA community. No need to speak German, no need to be an IB expert.

What is Exhibition?
Exhibition is the culmination of everything students have been learning about being IB students. For Exhibition, students design their own unit of inquiry and are required to participate in a collaborative, inquiry process that involves them in identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues. Our 5th graders have chosen Health Care as their topic for this year and will be working together to decide on their “sub-topic” in their small groups. We are very excited and proud of 5th graders for addressing issues of such importance!

What do mentors do?
Mentors guide groups of 4-5 students and commit to a one-hour time slot per week for a total of six weeks.

When can I get started?
Mentors will gather prior to Exhibition for an orientation meeting on April 27th from 6:15 - 7pm (the same night as Open House)

Exhibition officially begins on May 8th and culminates with “Exhibition Night” on June 14th from 5 - 7pm. The time slots for mentors this year are:

  • Tuesdays: 10:40 - 11:40
  • Thursdays 10:40 - 11:40
  • Fridays: 8:15 - 9:15

Book reading by Bernhard Schlink on Monday, March 20th

Special event at SDSU with famous German author Bernhard Schlink (author of The Reader). Herr Schlink with read from his latest novel The Woman on the Stairs. Please refer to flyer for details.

German Theater Group San Diego

The new German Theater Group San Diego invites you to an evening of laughter and music!

Join us to revisit the iconic skits by Vicco von Bülow, alias Loriot, such as Die Jodelschule, Das Ei, Das Filmmonster, Herren im Bad, Der Lottogewinner and more, which so brilliantly portrait little human shortcomings and weaknesses--always with a wink and smirk!

Also enjoy some local musical talent! Seats are limited, so please get them online soon! Hope to see you there!

Buy online or at the Box Office
General Admission: $8.00 (+service fee)
Students and Seniors: $6.00 (+service fee)

For more information, please contact Astrid Ronke.

OB Playhouse and Theater Company. 4944 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107 (between Bacon and Cable St.). Free street parking or at CVS lot, Santa Monica Ave (paid)

How does the program work? Simple! The only thing special you need to know is our link.

Featured Events and Announcements

Support essential enrichment programs at AEA

Please help support essential programs at AEA through a donation to Friends of Albert Einstein Academies. Our goal is to have 200 families participate in this donation drive. Donating to FoAEA supports the enrichment programs that our kids benefit from including art, music, PE and science programs and provides funds for field trips, assemblies, and classroom supplies.

If you haven't signed up yet, please take 5 minutes to contribute to AEA's enrichment programs. Go to our donation website from your mobile device or computer and select a monthly donation amount or a one time donation. Choose $30/month ($1/day) or any amount affordable to you. Even $5 or $10 per month makes a huge difference for the kids.

Matching Grants

Last year, the following companies made matching grants to FoAEA: Union Bank, Qualcomm, Pfizer, Intuit, Genentech, Covidien, Nokia, and ARS National Svcs.

We thank all of these companies for their generous support. If you work for any of these companies and have not yet taken advantage of their matching grant program, it just takes a few minutes and is free money to the school. One way of finding out if your employeer supports matching grants is to look at this list of companies. Information normally needed to have an employeer make a matching grant is available here.

Clipping Box Tops is an easy way for you to help our school earn cash. This school year, our school’s earnings goal is $1,000 which will go towards all the wonderful programs our school offers.

Collection Sheet

Are you a Box Tops member? Sign up at BTFE.com to stay updated on our school’s earnings and find a full list of hundreds of participating products. Members also receive exclusive coupon offers and recipes and can learn about extra ways for our school to earn more cash.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Nikki our Box Tops for Education Coordinator for AEA. Thanks for your help!


Monday, March 20th

Minimum Day - ES

Parent Teacher Conferences - ES

2nd Grade Canned Food Drive

Elementary School Book Fair

Tuesday, March 21st

Minimum Day - ES

Parent Teacher Conferences - ES

2nd Grade Canned Food Drive

Elementary School Book Fair

Wednesday, March 22nd

Minimum Day - ES

Parent Teacher Conferences - ES

2nd Grade Canned Food Drive

Elementary School Book Fair

DSD (German Language Diploma B1) Oral Language Exams
8th Grade

Thursday, March 23rd

Minimum Day - ES

Parent Teacher Conferences - ES

2nd Grade Canned Food Drive

Elementary School Book Fair

DSD (German Language Diploma B1) Oral Language Exams
8th Grade

Friday, March 24th

Minimum Day - ES

Minimum Day - MS

Parent Teacher Conferences - ES

2nd Grade Canned Food Drive

Elementary School Book Fair

Elementary School Walk for Water

Monday, March 27th to Friday, April 7th


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